The Time of Myself

Do you guys have a time for yourself once in a while? You know, the time when you don’t really care about your daily routine, your daily assignments, your daily job, or your daily whatsoever. It’s the time when you don’t have to worry about anything in this world, it’s the selfish time when you don’t have to think about anybody else in your life, it’s the time you don’t have to be sad for what had happened in your life, it’s the time when you spoil yourself, in short, it’s a YOU time, and it’s only YOU whom being invited. Well I do have those times, and yes I do treasure them soooooo much. Because I rarely have these times. And what I do to enjoy myself during these times?

#1.  I watch movie(s)

I do love movies, I watch it to make myself fulfilled. I watch it in the cinema or from the DVD which I borrow from my friends or the kind that I buy with a SUPER-cheap prices, oh yes, they,re not the original one(s) of course. I get so much variation of emotion from any kind of movie(s), I feel happy, sad, grateful, angry, etc just from watching. I enjoy the feeling when you don’t have to discuss what you had just seen in the movie with anybody, I enjoy the privacy when I don’t have to be ashamed to cry hard, laugh so loud, or even swear so bad for what the characters do, I enjoy the popcorn-without-sharing-it mode, but on top of it,  it’s the inspiration and lesson(s) that I seek. I dont’ care if the movie was the kind of commercial movie(s) that everybody would like or the kind of festival movie(s) that has their own idealism that’s not everybody would understands, as long as I get the point, I’ll enjoy it.

Oh yeah, the latest movie that I watched was ‘Across the Universe’ which has the Beatles songs for the soundtrack, and the main character, namen Jude, was so damn cute. nice movie, nice soundtrack, pretty boy :)

#2. I peek at people blogs

yeah right, I love doing this. Through ‘peeking’ at people blogs I can see from the way they saw things, I study their life, get to know them a little better, and sometimes if Im lucky enough I’ll get great words or wisdom that I can quote in my own blog or at least put it deep in my mind and heart. It’s kinda inspiring. I get the most of the fun when I took a peek from the blog of people which I don’t even know them *wink wink*

#3. I’ll go  SPA

I don’t think I have to restate about this one since every girl in my age and around me had already try SPA, who hasn’t? even the most traditional and modest girl in town know how to maintain their beauty. So, yes, I go to SPA too, like any other girls do. I’ll have the facial, I’ll have my back scrubbed, my feet pedicured, my face masked, and so on and so on. FYI, I don’t have to do this things at the salon or SPA places since it will cost me a bunch of money. In fact, I did most of it at home with an extra effort and extra time indeed. Well, that is why this is called a time of myself right? you do almost everything by yourself, yet, it still fun to do :)

#4. I play The Sims 2 all day long

Oh my God this is so my-guilty-pleasure activity. I love the Sims, I can stay in the front of computer monitor for hours just to play it. I like the part you have to create the character and give them clothes, names, arrange their life, and so on an so on. But still the part I like the most is when you have to design and decorate their houses because this is when I can do whatever I want. For me, the house of my Sims character reflects their personalities, so I take a serious account concerning  this house and furniture thingies :)

#5. I READ

Reading Books, for me, this is a true ‘escaping’ experience! I read any book, or at least I try so. I read novels, text book, comics, graphic novel, anything. I put myself through any kind of theme the author(s) tell, whether it’s drama, politic, social, horror, comedy, culture, anything. But Im kinda fall in love with any reading material that has something to do with culture lately. You know, the feeling when you explore other cultures, feels like you’re traveling or wandering through it. Learn about their people, learn about OUR people, their habit, their ways to communicate to each other, their life style, and other. It’s kinda imaginative, so, get it? not? Ok,  that’s fine.

#6. I’ll edit picture(s)

I like taking pictures, and I do learn to take picture right, that’s why I study photography much lately. If I feel a little productive I will make something out of the pictures like giving it a little photoshop touch or else. Yeah simple things like that and oh, if my creativity gets its peak point I might make them as, the pictures I mean, some kind of collage. Collect them, cut them, stick them, or do whatever I can do with it  without knowing where I have to put them in the end. I also do a little drawing when I do that.

#7. I enjoy special meal

Eventhough I have this skinny body, and a light weight, I do love to eat. I could eat five times a day. When the urge to eat come, I’ll eat without any thoughts of being fat or something, I care more less about that. So, when Im enjoying myself I like to give her a good food also. For example, I might go to a new eating places like a restaurant or a cafe to feel the new atmosphere and get to know the food. The easier way is that I go to a restaurant that I usually go, but order a different food from what I usually order, just to get the ‘surprise’ taste. Or else, I buy any food that I feel i wanna eat that time, anything. if im in the mood for ice cream, i’d rush for it; if im in the mood for lasagna i’d go for it; but usually it also depends on my financial state by that time lol.

#8. I’ll explore the bookstores

Bookstore is the place where I can stay in it for hours just wandering around to see what’s the latest books, comics, or even import magazines. I prefer the kind of bookstores which don’t have their books wrapped in plastick so I can take a little read. lol.

#9. I swim

I just swim, it’s refreshing, yet it’s the only sport I do besides bycycling and running through the assignments deadline.

#10. I WRITE, like what Im doing now :)

– D! –



  1. saskhyaauliaprima

    ini dia yang membuat gw dikatakan autis oleh teman-teman sebaya gw..haha ya menyenangkan ya dhe..susah tapi ternyata banyak distract-an terutama tugas haha

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