You got the wrong person

Yesterday I got this weird question from my friend whom asked a suggestion about dealing with his painful broken heart. He asked “how did you deal with it?”, which got me stared blank to my laptop monitor, amazed. What made him came up with such question, and (underlined) that question was intended to me. I mean, yes, it’s ME.

Well, do I look like someone who’s been dealing with my broken heart in a good way?

W R O N G  !

(with the sound of bells like in the quizes show as an effect)

picture taken from

picture taken from

Unless if you think

crying all over your friends for MONTHS;

babbling about the same pathetic story about how sad and hurt you are, over and over again;

feeling guilty for what you did in your previous relationship;

tormenting yourself for months;

thinking about a guy that HAS already got someone new;

questioning why and why while your ex has already moving on with his real yet HAPPY life;

having this insecure feelings about any romantic relationship, and so on;

IS a good way to handle a broken heart, then yes, just come to me, i’ll tell you how.

But if that were not what you’re looking for, well I guess you got the wrong person, dear. Because (let me tell you something), I am not good dealing with broken heart, I had never been good.

Things are getting better and better as the time goes, and it’s pretty good actually. But still, Im struggling my own battle with my self here too.

But yes, I do wish I can help you with everything I have and wish that’ll make you feel better. Good luck friend!

– D! –


  1. smita prathita

    good way to deal with a broken heart?
    HEAL IT. find a new love.

    yah tapi itu juga easier to say than done, hahaha gue gak membantu

    • dheasekararum

      hakahak emang kalo masalah hati suka easier than done. soalnya masalahnya kita juga udah tau penyelesaian rasionalnya sebetulnya, tapi.. (selalu ada tapinya)

      duh, blog gue kenapa curhat melulu ya jadi males sendiri

      – D! –

  2. saskhyaauliaprima

    haha sounds familiar..yah dhe nggak apa-apa..pasti kalo kata ibu Kartini habis gelap terbitlah terang.. tunggu aja ada yang nyalain SENTER haha..ahh kemaren gw ga ketemu lo disuruh pulang adek gw mau ujian agama disuruh ngajarin arghhhh

  3. dheasekararum

    ahahhahha susah nih senter jaman sekarang aja masih pake batere, mesti nyari lagi baterenya dulu, beli batere mesti nyari warung dulu, jadi emang lama Sas untung bgt lo ga ketemu gue, kmaren gue isinya cuma ngomel2 masalah kerjaan gitu hahah

    – D! –

  4. eccabul

    mndingan fokus ke kulyeah
    slaen IP lo bakalan jd lebih bagusan
    ntr jg jd lupa sama si peluka hati
    alah taik hahahahahaaa

  5. cHa

    ngomong2 gambar hati yang dari deviantart bagus tuh.. menggambarkan keseluruhan postingan blognya..

    mendingan kayak postingan soal resolusi 2009 lo aja.. belajar masak & fotografi, lebih positif tuh!!

    • dheasekararum

      @ ecca : iya fren iyaaa, cuma kalo tiap hari masih liat si peluka hati gimana coba tuh? hahah
      @ cHa: hahaha boleh juga cha, ini juga sembari kok hihi

      – D! –

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