When life gets a lil’ bit harder.

Since I entered this twentieth age of mine, i really feel life gets a lil’ bit harder from it was before. There are so many things i have to accomplished myself, many things to catch up, many things to reach, many things to decide, and yes, many things to change, or has changed, or changing. Whatever.

Lately, i’ve been dealing with trouble sleeping, I have so many thoughts in my mind that I can’t share, not even to my closest friends, not even to the keyboard. Why? Since I was too afraid to deal with reality. With the world lately. With myself.

But yesterday, and today, I spill one of them to couple friends, and I feel relieved for that. I did cry along the story, it was tiring, and frightening, but it was pretty enlighting. I feel grateful for that. Grateful for having such great friends around me, that understand me, when I thought they wouldn’t, or couldn’t.

For this, I know they will help me when I’m in need. They’ll be there.

And  I think, I will be fine.

For the direct message on twitter, for the video, for the chat, for the words, for the text, for the hot chocolate, for the wisdom.


– D! –


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