Take the (bloody) risk?

I don’t do reblog actually, but this one is interesting. At least, for me.

This one came from Nadia Ikayanti :


Our brain’s got two hemispheres : left and right. We use our left brain to think objectively, focusing on logical/rational analysiscalculation, etc while right brain does its role on imagination, intuition, aesthetics, creativity, and feeling. Everyone’s got their preference in using which part of their brain.

As individuals grow up and get to face this so-called “Reality” everyday, they tend to use their left brain while downplaying the right-one. Schools teaching system also got its role on this preference.


Do you remember when you’re in JHS or HS? Dating is as simple as ABC. You guys like each other and decide to be an item. If you don’t feel like one anymore, then it’s over. That’s that. We use our right brain this case

It’s totally different nowadays. When it comes to our ages now, we use many calculation in choosing partners. Oh she’s a Ph.D from Oxford, his annual salary’s IDR 500 mio, he’s got his own company, I could have a steady life with him, what? her GPA’s only 2,5?? blah blah.

It’s definitely not a sin to have those kinda thoughts. I mean, we all know love can’t pay the bills rite? ;p

But what if it’s like this :

You waste a good chance with someone that makes you feel comfortable and peaceful just because he/she hasn’t finished his/her degree? Or you try so hard to stay in a weary relationship with someone who disrespect you for he/she’s good looking and (probably) got a promising future compared to others?

Can you say “I’m happy” ? Go ask yourself.

We, sometimes, forget to “listen to our heart” or (I may define) “think with our right-brain”.

Just follow your feeling and intuition

. . . and take the bloody risk.


I responded with this :

I use my corpus callosum which connects both hemispheres to find love (ok i know, i read to much on neuropsychology). Just kidding.

ah senang sekali di-tag! Hahahaha. I would love to take chance on love though, Nad.
Thankyou for the inspiration :)

what about you guys?

– D! –


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