I’m bored (I don’t need any of that)

I’m tired with all of the same pattern(s) these people gave me. Well, not tired maybe, I’m just perfectly bored with these kinda things.

I’m not a kite runner, nor a kite player. I can’t read where the wind blows.

I don’t really like to go fishing , not even on those sunny days. And I’m pretty sure I’m not a fish, not even close. I don’t have any fin to bring me back and forth. I don’t use any gill to breathe.

I’m so bored with all of this butterfly thingies that keep coming in, one by one, and then fly themselves away.

Sometimes it’s red, sometimes it’s yellow, sometimes it looks like it’s green. Green, red, yellow, green again, suddenly it became red again, then it turned out to be more like yellow, oh wait, was that a green? What so ever. The traffic light have already broken for a very long time I guess.

Sometimes the road is just too long and slippery to walked on, yet with a very beautiful scenery in the end. Sometimes I feel like I wanted to stop or park somewhere, but I couldn’t. In fact, I got bumped until it hurt. Then I had to move on, took another turn to another road, once again, I ever had any chance to get to the end of the road.

Sometimes I just have to realized that I was this little girl inside this traveling bus trying to figure out what those beautiful scenery really looks like, but then I got stuck. I couldn’t get out. Everything seems so far, and I have this window glasses surrounding me, preventing me from getting closer to everything.

Is it me, or is it everything around?

I’m bored of sailing another voyage that leads to nowhere.

I don’t need more flings for I get (too) easily attracted with many things.

I don’t need any of that.

I need something new.

I need you, the one I haven’t met (yet).

I am taking on my chances, so why don’t you?


*sorry for the bad grammar, my bad, indeed.*

– D! –


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