Dear Past,

You were my first (beau),

and we both know that you were great.

You are hilarious, hard-worker, artsy, tremendously creative, fun, and smart.

Hell yeah, you really are smart (and knowledgeable of course).

We’ve been trying to be casual toward each other for almost 2 years,

Well, I’d say it’s pretty good.

And emmm, as long as it gets, it makes me realize that

I am not always what you think I am,

and you’re not always what I thought you were

Which is somewhat good

It’s enlightened me, It gave me this perspective

It gave me the whole big picture,

of why we couldn’t be together,

of why we shouldn’t be together

as a couple, I mean.

And I feel thankful for that

Grateful, If I may say

For the answers finally reveal itself

Yet, you’re still great,we both know that you’re still great

You will always be great,

as a friend.

– D! –


  1. dheasekararum

    The question is not “how” but “why”, for once you got the reason to do something, you’ll be able to do (almost) anything.

    ini alon-alon asal kelakon Mas hahahaha

    – D! –

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