I Won’t Bite

I am fully aware that once your writing is published, it is up to people who read to interpret what’s all about. I also know that some of my posts are not clear and lucid enough to be understood, and might raise questions for the readers (though I’ve already tried to make the writings as simple as they could be, without assaulting anybody). Yet I am also fully conscious that people have their own way to interpret things and to associate things they read, mostly with their everyday lives. Which happens to be an honour for me, to make people think about the posts, and to associate them with their very own lives.

Well, sometimes I’m just curious with what the readers think or feel after reading the posts. I guess that is exactly why there are “comment(s) box”, they’re there as a place to put the readers thoughts about the posts. If you found the comments box are not sufficient enough for you, or maybe what you might want to say is to personal to be written down in them, I’ve also put my contacts in the “wanna know” page.

So if anyone of you, readers, got something to ask, something to confirm, or something to say, you could simply contact me by those contacts I gave. Or simply come to me by person, ask every questions you might want to ask me, and I’d be very delightful to answer them.

I’d appreciate it very much. I mean, that’s what writing blog is all about, no? To share your thoughts and maybe feelings, and to discuss it with some people so that you’ll gain new perspectives, even to make friends among the writers and readers.

I want to know what you guys were thinking while reading my wiritings.

So, why don’t we give it a try, I won’t bite. I promise :)

– D! –


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