You Have No Idea

Oh you don’t know how I really want to graduate and get out from this place (well, I’ll be back again someday, like for a year or two from now, for my master degree, but that’s later). For now, oh my, you have no idea how I want to say goodbye to this place and to certain parts of it. I can’t wait the day I’ll be saying “BYE, Till we meet again (if we ever meet again)”.

It’s like I really want it until I got over-excited just to think of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the place, I like the people (well, at least most of them), I love psychology, I love studying and I do love learning everything in it. I even have this dream of teaching the campus students in my future because I really love the subjects I have been taught I want to share them to other people. See, I love this campus. I enjoyed every college activities it has and its geeky atmosphere (I know I’m going to miss this the most).

It  just, I need to breathe some fresh air.

I need a LOT of it so I can go back there, someday.

– D! –

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