On Finally Made (a) Decision(s)

We all know that life is all about choices. Choices from what to eat today, what to wear to campus, what to listen today, and where to go, until kind of choices like whom to like, what job to take, what to do in the future, and whom to marry. To stick with the decision(s) we’ve made is a great thing we must challenge ourselves to do, let alone excel in it. Well, the greatest and the hardest step to do before finally making a decision is to know what we (really) want for ourselves. I guess this could be a life-time question to ask for most of us, or at least, for me.

Here’s one shot,  I’ve submitted my name into the post-graduate enrollment program in my campus this morning, majoring in adult clinical psychology. I’m still not sure if I can take the course, it’s all depends on whether the tuition fee can be paid in some kind of installment or not, because it’s kind of expensive. I still have to deal with those administration papers too (a lot of them), not to mention the interview(s) to see if I really fit the program. In short, it’s still a long way to get through the selection process to be one of those post-graduate students, and eventually psychologist.

I just hope I made the right decision and I hope I didn’t cause so much of the trouble for my Dad (he’s the one who keep asking me about this though) *taking a deep breath* and oh, did I mention earlier in the previous post that I haven’t had my undergraduate thesis-defending day?

Pretty much for a to-do-list huh?

Anyway, whatever comes up later, I just want it to be the best for me and my family.

Wish me luck, will you guys?

I do pray you guys are having a great time with things you’ve decided to do :)

– D! –


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