Is It ‘Only’ A Day?

Couple days ago I watched ‘Shrek Forever After ‘ , the final chapter of Shrek movies, with my youngest sister. In this movie, feeling unhappy with his current life, Shrek made a pact with a wizard (a sneaky one), Rumplestiltskin, to have a day where he could have everything he wants, to be a hideous ogre whom the villagers scared of, that is. So that he could have a time off from his family duty, to give himself a leisure time to be drown in the mud all day long, doing nothing, etc, etc. To get a day off like that, Shrek had to exchange one day of his life, hence a day for a day it is. Then, Rumplestiltskin had one day from those days Shrek had in his life and got to do anything to it. Shrek finally found himself in an alternate version of far far away, where ogre are hunted, Rumplestiltskin is king, and Shrek and Fione were never met each other.

Oh well, since I don’t want to be a spoiler in here, I won’t continue to talk about the movie, you guys have to see the end of it yourself. It’s a movie for children, so of course it ended happily.

Anyway, what I’m curious about is the pact itself, I mean, what is it like to lose one day from your life, though that was the day that had already passed? Let’s say  it wasn’t one of our considered ‘important days’, it was just an ordinary day, like, a day when your friend greeted you in the school or in the office, the day when one of your friend offered you his tuna sandwich or asked you to fill for him in his statistic class.

A day of which we don’t even have any memories of.

I just wondering, will our life changed if we lost that day? Will we change the way we perceive your life now if we lost one of our days back then? What lesson will we miss if we lost it?

Will we ever be the same?

PS : I’d really like to put some pictures from the movie, but this internet connection is seriously killing me.

– D! –


  1. arief

    it’s an uncommon thinking you have sista…really is,
    i even never think of it.
    i can’t imagine if that one day, was our intersection day of our life..could be anything.
    if that day i miss to read antam’s advertorial about a job entries, i wouldn’t been here now.
    or, if that day i had a better thinking not too rush to decide engaged with my fiance, i wouldn’t hurt alot of people’s heart :(

    i think everyday gives us a different path. everyday is not the same…

  2. dea

    ever heard something called ‘butterfly effect’ dhe?
    you stepped on a butterfly one day and because of that, you changed the whole wide world the next day. maybe the effect won’t be seen until several years, but the change does exist.
    i think if we lose one day of our life, even the insignificant one, the effect will be like that. the effect won’t be shown immediately, but something will change. something will not happen like the way it happen right now, and in the end everything won’t be the same.

    after all, i always think that life is like a domino effect ;)

  3. dheasekararum

    Ah iya, itu dia istilahnya! Butterfly effect. This phenomenon is also what I’m talking about in my previous post ‘Reason(s)’. Thanks for the enlightenment De :)

    – D! –

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