It’s Not Soccer, It’s Football!

I couldn’t believe myself for writing this, but as the World Cup fever is in the air, I voluntarily succumbed myself to it, and apparently, I am enjoying it.


I guess it’s not that I really understand the game (nor recognize the players in each team competing), but it’s the sense of togetherness in watching those matches I oversee. I enjoy those loud noises, those screaming and cursing we people make when the teams goal, or when the referee gives the player(s) yellow/red card, etc, etc. I just love the enthusiastic atmosphere.

And oh, maybe it’s because of those delicious beautiful creations of God (to be read as : Iker Casillas, Gonzalo Higuain, etc. etc) of whose pictures I wanted to put in here so bad, but the internet connection was unbelievably lame I was this close to be frustrated about.

Well, who knows that maybe, someday in the future, I’ll have more reason to like (watching) football even more.


– D! –

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