Term 1 : Depression

Some people tend to use the word depression -or depressed- occasionally, this I observe, happens most on twitter. I don’t know whether they really understand the meaning of the word or they say it merely to follow the trend. Or maybe it’s me who don’t understand the consent held among our society about the definition of the word spoken (written, if it’s on twitter).

The cardinal symptoms of depression include profound sadness and/or inability to experience any kind of pleasure in life (Kring, et. al, 2007).

Maybe most of us experience sadness during our lives , -well, it’s inevitable- thus most of us say that we are ‘depressed’. Yet most of these experiences somehow don’t have the intensity and duration to be diagnosed as depression, moreover, clinical depression.

When people experience depression, they are full of self-recrimination and self-condemnation, these things reverberate over and over again inside their heads. These people become so focused on their flaws and deficits it exhausts them. They may experience difficulty absorbing what they read and hear. They see things in a very negative light, the tend to lose hope.

Depression also comes with physical symptoms, including fatigue and low energy, as well as physical aches and pains, it feels like your body are strained by something. These symptoms can be profound enough to make the afflicted persons believe that the must be suffering from some serious medical condition whilst the symptoms have no apparent physical cause.

This can be a very serious condition since when people experience depression, they may find it hard to fall asleep and may wake up frequently during their sleeps although they feel exhausted for most of the time. Appetite is gone (or the may experiences an increases in appetite), sexual desire and interest disappears, having troubles in using their psychomotor skills, and common to experience withdrawal from others.

When people become utterly dejected and hopeless, thoughts about suicide are common and not few of them ended up commit themselves to it.

So, tell me, is this what you guys meant with being depressed? Because if it is, I’m afraid most of us are in need to seek professional help(s), then.

(and maybe I get to hope that someday I’ll be rich by being a clinical psychologist for I will have so many clients out there) —> this is a different part of myself speaking, don’t mind it.

Bibliography :

Kring, et. al. 2007. Abnormal Psychology (10th edition). United States of America : John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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