Oh my, isn’t it already December again.

December has special place in my heart.

In December everything mingled with each other.  It is when everybody seek into themselves to review what they have been through over the year. There are some sense of relief in this month for we have yet again succeeded to walk another year of our life. And there was this sense of regret, of what we have done and of what we haven’t. In this month, we could see while there were weary souls wandering around, there were also rejuvenated beings walk down every step of their feet, cheerfully, along the journey called life.

I could still recall last year’s December. All the worrisome, and all the anxiety, wrapped up in a small box called hope and faith. A small box I’ve been carrying along this 2010.  A small box which gets me through this year, with its cheerful times, and its devastating moments. The tears, the plans. The ups and downs.

As I look back a year before, I could recall the feelings I used to have back then and it makes me realized of how much I have changed. Of how much I’ve grown old. Still, I manage to survive and live, quite contented, if not happy.

There were still hesitations, and of course fear of what will be coming after this. Nevertheless, they are something I feel grateful for. Since fear indicates there is still hope inside.

This is December of extra miles I need to walk in to get what I want.

This December is all about growing up.

– D! –


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