Small Things That Matter

#30harimenulis, day 5:

Small things that matter:

please, excuse me, and thank you.

Today I learned much of how important those three words are.

I was having this job as a psychological test-administrator and scorer on an assessment event held by a psychological consultant office. I use to have some job experiences in these kind of things, the ones when you’d only have to work for several days and get some money paid for your work on calculating the test-participants’ score. I’ve learned a lot from these jobs. I’ve learned about how psychological assessments are actually being conducted in real world (for I’ve only known them in classes I had attended in my campus). I’ve learned a great deal about how to administer a test and Ive got the chance to learn things my college-friends haven’t yet get, to score various kinds of measurement tools that is.

But one of the most valuable thing to experience is that I got to learn about some people’s characters. These characters are the ones that I might have to deal with when I am already in the ‘real world’, or you might as well call it ’employmentship‘, outside the warm and comfortable nest campus I use to live in.

And today I learned that not necessarily everyone use the words please, excuse me, and thank you. Though I kinda felt offended, well, a bit, I realised that this was something I need to acknowledge. That not all people know how to appreciate other people’s work, even though you were working for them. I’ve never been worked in a situation like this, when a person just told you what to do, told you to “bring that to me“, “have you done your work?“, “we got a limited time left”, without any single please, excuse me, and thank you. This is, admittedly, surprising. But I know there are a lot of people who might work this way. Or well, maybe who knows? Maybe she was having a bad day, or she was unable to express a way of being nice in a casual conversation, or maybe she just didn’t know how to show her empathy to people and literally was being a dick (though she doesn’t have one) and I definitely think she ought to be nicer since she’s a pyschologist.

Shit happens in the real world.

Sometimes, when you’re not lucky enough in your job, you had a very tiring session and got paid with few amount of money. Through today’s experience, I got the sense that (maybe) money is not everything you seek from a job given to you. I got to learn that, sometimes, even when you got paid with the least amount of money you’ve ever imagined in your whole life, when your work partner or supervisor saying thank you for what you’ve done in your work, it would at least ease the pain, and might as well grew smile on your tired face.

Please, excuse me, and thank you.

I might be too sentimental over the issue, or maybe I was just to0 tired so I complained about these. But I am pretty sure I learned one of the most precious lesson about how to work with others.

And that my friend, is about the small things that matter.

After all,

“People should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”

(The Golden Rules, ethics of reciprocity, most essential basis for the modern concept of human rights, or whatever you please to call it)


– D! –


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