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About The Blog :

The former name used to be ‘My Ups and Downs’. Because it was this blog all about before. I’ve changed the name into ‘Peace of Mind’ about a month ago. This blog still includes the ups and the downs of my days, but I guess it’s not only about that. This blog is a representative of an unfulfilled- ambition of becoming a writer. This is where I could finally made myself committed to something worth to do. A place to put some memories, point of views, ideas, even some citations or quotations from everyone, from those great philosophers to some close friends of mine.

This is the place where I could really feel comfortable to share about myself, the place to spill when there were so many things I couldn’t put up in daily conversations. It is more alike, a comfort private space. Therefore, readers might not only read about my ups and my downs, but perhaps you could also see how I react to them. Basically, this is the place where all of you could see how life it is through my point of view.

Well, I hope you’ll feel comfortable enough as well to read through the writings I have. I’ll always try to be as honest as I could in writing them. As writing, for me, is a form of therapy, to get some peace of mind (that’s why the name came up). Feel free to leave a comment or two. I’d love to know how are you feeling or thinking towards what I write in here.

About Dhea Sekararum

The name is actually Ayuningdyah Sekararum, but being simplified as Dhea Sekararum, because people use to call me Dhea.

Born in Jakarta, March 25th 1989

162cm heights, around 50-51 kg weights, dark skin tone, wavy hair.

Living the life between South Jakarta and Depok.

Graduated from The Faculty of Psychology in University of Indonesia, and about to begin a new chapter of life as a  post graduate student in Clinical Psychology, still in The University of Indonesia (well, not so ‘new’ after all)

A total moodswinger.

Gets easily on her nerves concering things that have something to do with her but doesn’t care a lot about gossip because it’s all about somebody elses’ business. Can be cynical and very annoying sometimes, and gets overreacted for something sometimes.

Laughs at almost everything, especially when she’s  with some of friends, doesn’t have many friends, just a few close friends, people with whom she could share her everything with, and she treasures her leisure times with them.

Likes to keep life in balance, does hang out much with friends, yet thinks that good grades are important too, but the most of it, a good personality is a must. Likes reading, writing, photography (still got to learn a lot of it), movies (movies is somehow a sweet escapade from everything), music, culinary, and good jokes.

An art-preciator who loves doodling in classes better than listening to the lecturers itself.

Doesn’t like coffee, had already tried to like it once, you know, just to look and feel cool like everyone else who comes to Starbucks, yet it failed. It just didn’t work out.

Prefers hot chocolate or tea more than coffee.

Loves her family so much.

Easily impressed.
Doesn’t mind looking ridiculous in front of people.
Can’t drive.
Likes white lilies much much better than roses

And, oh,  very much talkative when you get to know her better. To be noted that she has this weird and absurd sense of humor.

Contact me on :

Email : dheasekararum@yahoo.com

Y!M : gazzlebee70@yahoo.com

But, I’m sorry if I don’t really know you, I’m afraid I can’t confirm you on facebook.

– D! –


  1. dheasekararum

    iya ni Sas.. ahaha soalnya gue kan gaptek, kalo di wordpress tuh kaya udah diaturin semuanya jadi tinggal ngetik aja ahahah

    – D! –

  2. teja

    mba saya mau nanya, di artikel mba pernah bilang kalo pernah baca majalah “psychology today”, kalo boleh tau bisa membelinya dmn yah???


    • dheasekararum

      saya juga nggak rutin baca sih, cuma emang kebetulan di kampus saya dijual. Di gedung H, di kios Bakwan Halim. Kemudian bisa ditemukan juga di Kuningan (GOR Soemantri, Pasar Festival-nya) cuma itu kayanya yang edisi lama. Mungkin di tokok buku yang jual buku impor, seperti Periplus, Kinokuniya, atau ak.sa.ra bookstore. Silahkan mencoba :)

  3. noe

    setuju sama yunda, kak dea inspiratif banget. you have your own way to look so gorgeous. keep writing kak dea :)

  4. sese

    kak dhea, tulisannya bagus-bagus! seneng bacanya :) dan banyak tulisan yang (bener kata noe dan yunda) inspiratif. Keep writing kak! good luck sidangnya :D

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