On Evolving Together

“…but it is something that I’m proud of. To be able to work with my husband, evolved with him, succeed together, achieve together, and celebrate life together. And we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished. We always say to each other that the best is yet to come, believe it or not.”


(Celine Dion, about her 19th year of marriage with her husband. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show)


I want that.

On Making A Change

“There was no miracle (moment). Good to great transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it was a quiet, deliberate process of figuring out what needed to be done to create the best result. A cumulative process–step by step, action by action, decision by decision, turn by turn of a flywheel in a consistent direction–over an extended period of time, that adds upp to sustained and spectacular results.”


(Jim Collins, in his book ‘Good to Great’ summing up the interviews with good to great – companies’ executives)

After 6 Months

Good evening.

First of all, it feels kind of awkward to be writing all over again in this blog though it has been one of my favorite places to go to get a peace of mind. Well, I guess there are times when you’ll feel awkward, even in your own home, after being away for some specific amount of time, right?

It’s been almost 6 months ago since I had completed my master degree and graduated officially from the university. For those who wonder what I have been doing in between those months up until now, well, I am currently working in GLC Consulting as a Recruitment Consultant. As an HR Consultant firm, GLC Consulting providing several services to assist clients in enhancing their business process, such as Executive Search service, People Development service and Recruitment Information System service.

As a Recruitment Consultant in its Executive Search service, usually called by Headhunter–its informal and more popular name, my responsibilities include activities in developing business partnership with new and existing corporation clients and assist them in their recruitment process to fulfill monthly target. As a Headhunter, I don’t just ‘hunt’ or recruit any people. Most of our clients seek for candidates to fill in vacant middle to top level positions in their company, such as the Senior Manager, CFO and even the Director, which often occur as passive candidates who are not looking for a new job and already quite fulfilled with the job they are currently having.

So, it really depends on the creativity of how the recruitment consultant approach the candidates by doing what we call as consultative selling or solution selling, where we try to describe to the candidates about the clients’ background and credibility, or the career enhancement opportunity, as well as the improvement in terms of salary package they would likely get if they agree to follow the recruitment process for the vacant positions and managed to succeed and be the selected ones.

Though I once involved in recruitment process in my internship period back in 2009 and had been handling several assessment projects for companies’ recruitment process, still, being a headhunter is pretty much a whole new world for me.

As now you know what I’ve been working on, you might have been wondering why I choose this job instead of something which suits my educational background in Clinical Psychology better. I must admit that being a Headhunter or involving in anything concerning HR Industry had never been part of my plan even though the area has been very attractive for me (FYI, I had taken some courses about Industry and Organizational Psychology back in my undergraduate years).

But some of you might also want to take into account that I don’t really have the luxury of actually choosing the job I want to do. As a Fresh Graduate who needs sufficient amount of monthly income for my family, getting a job which can provide me those as fast as I could is my first and only priority; and I couldn’t get that if I decided to work strictly in Clinical Psychology career path, not in Indonesia. At least not yet.

Apart from that reason, as you might also already know, just like what I’ve wrote before in ‘Meredefinisikan Mimpi’, sometimes we need to learn that life is not always about being in your ideal situation, that is to get everything we want or do everything we want to do. Sometimes life is all about breaking out from your comfort zone, to challenge yourself to do something you have never even thought exist, to then wait and see how it goes for you.

Because sometimes life is all about continuously redefining our dream and giving meaning to things. 


GLC Recruitment Consultants
Pram, me, Dyndyn, Rakhel, Hanum, Revy, Icha, Eri, Alexandra, Andika, Priescha , Mira, Agung, Itha, Iyang

Surprisingly, even to myself, I am enjoying the experience of being a headhunter, so far. I find it exciting as it gives me new things to explore, new people to meet, new lessons to learn. I feel comfortable being around my office colleagues and find them very supportive. I get to learn a lot about so many things from each of them, such as business, management, selling skills, fashion, relationships, family, basically about life in general. Though I also learned that there will always be competition among us, implicitly or explicitly spoken, like it or not. My bosses are cool and I really like how they care so much about the surrounding community that we have our own ‘CSR’ to ‘give back’ to the community. Not to mention there are always free flow food and drink served whenever someone in the office is having his/her birthday.

Basically, what I like most from my current working environment is how it stimulates me to grow and learn new things. We even have what we call as “Friday Discussion Session” (which held every Friday each week), where we can share any idea or opinion, either theoretical/conceptual or practical basis, as long as it relates with and/or enrich our knowledge/skill as professional recruiter. The delivery method combines lecturing, sharing and open discussion methods with or without Discussion Leader (Moderator). There is one presenter who shares discussion material and audience who actively respond to what Presenter conveys.

This way, we get to learn something new every week from each of us.

So here I am, living, and learning on how not to only doing what I love, but also loving what I do.

Admittedly, I find it very hard to accept the fact that I cannot jump right away into the field that I have been learning for the past 2 years. I can still feel the tickling sense of envy every time I read my friend’s update about her activities in the clinic where she manages her practice.

But who knows what comes next? I am enjoying my days at work and occasionally also getting clients (for psychological counseling) in my spare time. Who knows that maybe a day or two from now I’ll get a chance to get a place for me to open my psychology/counseling practice, or maybe later I get the chance to enhance my skills within the area through some courses, training, workshops, or even another degree.Or who knows that I might someday turns out succeed in HR field and gradually develop my own business in HR Consulting field.

Whatever comes next, I need to learn that when it happens, it happens in the right time and for the right reason. 

And I need to learn to be grateful for that.

– D! –

Kindly check GLC Consulting company website should you need info regarding our service

2012 Blogging : In Review from WordPress

It’s been a quiet year for me, in blogging-wise, of course. There are too much intense emotion left me weary and ended up unwritten within this ‘home’, for we know words often fail us in elaborating what we really felt.

However, it has been such a delight that WordPress summarized my blogging activity during the year. I always love their annual report feature. It gives me insight on what makes people read my blog and what I should write more about in the upcoming year, in order to make my blog useful for others instead of merely a place where I put everything else I couldn’t say upfront others.

Apparently, the most popular writings were the ones with psychology related topic in them, well, not so surprising.  Apart from that, other popular writings seems to have something to do with relationship topic, which never ceased to amazed me. Seriously, relationship, no matter how many stories had been told about it, people have not been bored with them, yet. In fact, we are craving for more of them.

Well, thank you WordPress for the annual report. I will try to start reading and writing more in 2013 as in order to keep myself sane in the midst of this (currently) chaotic life of mine.

Happy New Year for us, mortals!

Really (and I mean, really, really) looking forward to more health, love, wealth, happiness, success, safety, prosperity and all the great things life might offer to us and our family in 2013. May God bless us always.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

To Understand Better

Regardless how sad and lonely it is I often feel to lose the people I love dearly; how painful it is I feel to have our happy moments stuck within my tiny head without ever being able to experience it again together -my mom and dad, and the whole family-; how scary and trembling it is to experience insecurity, financially, emotionally and psychologically; how restless it is to be fully dependent on my own shaking feet;  I always try to remind myself (though sometimes I realized it might be a rationalization and I’m just doing this to make myself feel better), that I am given the chance to experience this in order to acquire knowledge, the knowledge that –perhaps- not all of the people would get in my age .

I realized that knowledge can be found anywhere and everywhere, from the books I read, the people I meet, the events I attend, the movies I watch, the songs I listen, the grass, the skies, even through my darkest hours and sorrow. And it is for people who are currently out of their comfort zones the chances to learn more from life as a whole is given. Though I admit I often get very very very tired and the thoughts of giving up often come up, I must continuously reminding myself that I am given the chance to actually live life; hence I need to learn to embrace.

I just hope I will understand better someday.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross